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Manifesto for the Beautiful Struggle

They slowed down, stopped competing with each other.

They grew their own food and fed the community.

They bathed in the forests, rivers, and meadows of wildflowers.

They reconnected their families, repaired broken hearts.

Ode to the ladies of the sage

You are my web of strength
that catches me when I fall
and throws me back in the air
like a circus act.

An Isolation Epidemic?

As I processed the fact that we’d pitched any facade of social distancing my body leaned in and I held on tight for at least three minutes, which felt like a delicious forever. Tears I didn’t expect to show up that day started stinging and flowed from my eyes and my body began to shake.

Resilience is the new happiness

To share your ideas on how you and your loved ones are pivoting during the current crisis and well beyond, I invite you to visit and engage with the new community-driven Facebook Group “tetonstrong.”

What is Teton Strong?

Strong adjective: moral, physical and intellectual power; possessing skills and qualities that ensure a likelihood of success. Wild, resilient, and peaceful are three characteristics that embody the Teton community and the characteristics that I believe will lead us through any crisis into a better… Continue Reading “What is Teton Strong?”