Ode to the ladies of the sage

An ode to the ladies of the sage
of the desert
of the snow
of the picnic
of the bottle of crisp rosé
followed by a shot of tequila.
You are my web of strength
that catches me when I fall
and throws me back in the air
like a circus act.
We play until the sun goes down
when I can sleep
deep and dark
and wake up nourished
and can stand tall in uncertainty
or bend softly into the chaos
and pass on
your sweet gifts
to others in need.

One Comment on “Ode to the ladies of the sage

  1. Lovely. Where do I find these ladies of the Sage? …. Your article in Huffpost (1/29/22) was pertinent to my current concern of whether my silence is self-betrayal when I don’t speak up courteously when confronted by a conspiracy follower at home (my husband) or in the pharmacy (maskless individuals I can’t avoid in my immune deficiency condition.) I believe not speaking up courteously only widens the chasm between us; yet it may be the safer action.


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