Our sole purpose is to share compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. For Teton Strong we envision an inclusive, crowd-sourced, community-driven resource to explore the intentional mental, physical, social, and spiritual practices and rich experiences that bring us alive and are characteristic of a values-driven outdoor lifestyle.


News flash: Resilience is the New Happiness

When we learn and develop our ability to stay strong in the face of a perilous situation and force fear to step aside to the higher needs of executing a mission, we are practicing mental fortitude and resilience. From climbing the Grand Teton, growing food in a harsh environment, or community building during the Covid Pandemic, we’ve got a lot to share.


Food, health, spirituality, nature, parenting, art, mental health, play, adventure … there are so many facets to living Teton Strong.

At its core, though, living means eating and eating is what we do best. While all aspects of a Teton Strong lifestyle will be featured here, food is our major passion so it will have its own special place.

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For my readers who are thoughtful truth seekers,  I  promise a balanced look at current events as I explore my life experiences. With compassion, understanding, and a focus on my core belief that most humans are inherently good, my mission is to manifest more of this in our world. Via personal essays, poetry, and book/article/podcast reviews, my mission is to inspire us all to Be Nice and Have Fun … I’ll always throw in a few delicious recipes and links to books, articles, podcasts, and playlists that inspire me. 

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Freelance writing, copy editing, branding, marketing, consulting, private chef, cooking classes. I am looking for new and creative ways to share my passions for the good life.

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